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TAO 1.5" Keychain Digital Picture Frame


The extremely light 1.5 inch Digital Picture Keychain Square from TAO while being ultra tiny and portable still offers exceptional image display quality and fantastic contrast. Holding around 56 photos you still get a good amount of digital images to store on this tiny device that can go anywhere with you. TAO also provide very user friendly software to make transferring photos to and from the ultra-light 1.5 Inch Digital Picture Keychain Square very simple. The design features a stylish silver enclosure that is both impressive and also sturdy. Featuring up to 3x the resolution of previous models, this new 1.5 inch LCD display model is much brighter than before and several times clearer. You get the most crisp images displayed at all times. Batteries aren’t a problem, after only 30 minutes charging time or being connected to a PC you will get 2.5 hrs of display time. (Which ultimately is a week or two of display, because your device is rarely ‘on’ 24/7. Slideshow mode is now included and the keychain LCD picture display device will switch itself off after 3 minutes of non-use. Which really extends the battery life of this great little device.

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