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TAO 5.6" Digital Picture Frame (Black Glass)


The TAO Black 5.6 Inch White Picture Viewer is very similar to the black LCD Picture Display device from TAO and also features the same sturdy design that allows you to display your digital pictures on the move or at home. This Model no. Is 89241-SHO and manufactured by the reputable TAO company, this picture viewer while still offering a robust product that can withstand the daily bump and grinds, it also has a handy remote control unit to make operation even easier for the user. Featuring a stylish white surround enclosure that stands out and looks extremely modern, the frame itself and supporting stand are built to last. The quality of the LCD flat 5.6 inch screen from TAO is commendable and your pictures are shown in high quality, crisp resolution. This mid-market LCD Photo Frame Viewer offers the most flexibility in terms of stationary and mobile picture viewing requirements for most users. The stylish white surround doesn’t take away from the digital pictures being displayed and the addition of the remote control makes usage even easier.

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