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TAO 5.6" Digital Picture Frame (Black)


This Tao 5.6-inch Digital LCD Picture Frame comes in an extremely modern black surround frame to give a very unique and sleek feel when added to any room in the home. Featuring crisp, brilliant color, plus high-resolution display capability this frame is a solid performer with a truly modern feel. Easily browse through your photo libraries or create your own self-running picture shows that display your most precious moments in full quality and stylish stature. This Tao 5.6 inch Black Digital LCD Picture frame quickly and easily reads the memory cards used in digital cameras once inserted into the frame. Users are also able to access the frame using PC via a USB cable and this also allows the frame to double up as a 7-in-1 memory card reader. Featuring a very easy-to-use interface with many more onboard built-in features — including zoom, crop, rotate, delay, transition you can even play your own background music through built-in stereo speakers to accompany your pictures being displayed. This TAO Model also comes with a remote control and AC Adapter
Device specifications include:5.6" TFT - 320 x 234 pixelsFormat: JPEG, MP3, AVI, MP1;Memory card slot: CF1, CFII, SD, MMC, MS, XD, Micro driverInternal memory: 128 M Flash ~ 56 pictures;Weight: 16 oz ; Dimension: 6" x 7.25" x 2"

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